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BBL & Moxi

Cutting-edge laser treatments for skin correction and resurfacing

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Blood Facial (PRP+Microneedling)

Reverse the signs of aging and reclaim a youthful, radiant appearance

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Botox Sweat Reduction

Reduce symptoms of excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, with Botox injections

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Botox® & Wrinkle Relaxers

The perfect solution for those seeking to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Chemical Peels

Revitalize your skin and stimulate collagen with our anti-aging chemical peel, designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate

Lips before and after

Dermal Fillers

Define, increase volume, and enhance the natural fullness of the jaw, cheeks, and lips

Woman glowing in her flawless skin

DiamondGlow® Facial

Get glowing with our signature facial, designed to refresh and nourish your skin

Woman confident with her sharp jawline


Non-surgical procedure for eliminating stubborn chin fat

Smooth, hairless legs

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Removal for smooth skin

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PRP Hair Restoration

Naturally promote new hair growth and thicker, fuller hair by using your body's own plasma

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Plasma Injections (PRP)

Naturally revitalize your face by using your body's own plasma to naturally build collagen for smoother, firmer skin

Woman who reached her weight loss goals

Semaglutide Therapy

In-person, medically-supervised Semaglutide injections for safe and effective weight loss, no insurance needed. The same active ingredient in Wegovy®* and Ozempic®*.

Woman with clear skin

SkinPen Microneedling

Refresh your skin with the SkinPen microneedling treatment, which stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping you reveal a smoother, more vibrant complexion

Woman receiving VISIA Skin Analysis assessment

VISIA Skin Analysis

Cutting edge skin analysis and imaging

ImageLab Membership

Elevate your self-care experience with ImageLab's membership program. Unlock a world of benefits, including exclusive discounts, special gifts, VIP events, and premium promotions on our most sought-after treatments.

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